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Emergency Dental Services in Chatham

Experiencing a Dental Emergency in Chatham?

Get in touch with our LightHouse Dental Chatham team as soon as possible. We're here to provide diagnoses and treatment options for dental emergencies.

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What's a Dental Emergency?

Our dental team is ready to help with dental emergencies. Regardless of how diligent you are in your oral hygiene and care, an emergency can happen at any time.

If you're not sure if you're experiencing a dental emergency, read on to learn about some commonly seen dental emergencies that need the services of a dental professional. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment. 

  • Lost Fillings or Crowns

    If a filling or crown is broken or lost, try to find it and place it back on your tooth after thoroughly rinsing it off. Contact our office as soon as you can to book an appointment to have it fixed. 

  • Chipped or Broken Teeth

    Have a broken or chipped tooth? After you find the tooth or fragment, store it in a clean container to bring to your appointment. Your dentist can potentially reattach the piece, but regardless, make an appointment with us to have it repaired right away.

  • Knocked-Out Teeth

    If you can find the tooth that was knocked out, ensure that you hold it by the crown (not the roots), rinse well, and replace it in your tooth socket by gently biting down once it is in position. Keeping it moist is important, so you can put it in a glass of milk or hold it in your mouth until you arrive at our dental office.

    Taking over-the-counter pain medication can alleviate discomfort, but avoid aspirin if there is bleeding. A cold compress against your cheek where your tooth has been fractured can also help reduce pain and swelling.

    Visit our dental office as soon as you can, and call ahead if you're able to. The sooner you can receive treatment after a tooth has been knocked out, the better the chance your dentist will have of saving it. 

  • Severe Swelling, Pain or Discomfort

    Have you suddenly started experiencing moderate to severe swelling in your face, mouth or neck areas, or are you feeling severe pain or discomfort in or around your mouth?

    Contact your Chatham dentist as soon as possible and follow these steps to alleviate pain in the meanwhile:

    1. Gently apply a cold compress on the painful area 

    2. Take over-the-counter pain medication (avoid aspirin if there is bleeding).

    3. Use salt water to flush the painful area, which can help to get rid of debris that could be causing the toothache.

    Our dentists should examine you to diagnose the cause and plan quick, effective treatment.

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